We are a super-efficient social innovation project in real world fight against poverty. We do a post-research spin-off: we build simple concrete floors in rural and slum schools and family houses. It brings to life impressive SDG output in public health, self-employment and inclusive education. We started with an academic SDG3 research. Now we master in SDG8, SDG4 and SDG1 in Africa

LONDON, 16 MAY 2022 / 15 April 2023
We are proud to announce our Floor4Africa project is among social innovations the British Partliament is presenting as a proof of the efficiency in international development and fight against poverty... DETAILS:  International Development Committee  +  Parliament.UK


After an academic research we did with the EU, we aim at safe and easy way of implementation of the Floor4Africa anywhere in Africa. The scalability of this spin-off project is universal enough to let it go well in any part of sub-Saharan rural and urban slum areas. It's a non-profit challenge we adjust to each country we work in with field research at first. But the point is the same everywhere: Public Health and SDG3, incl. fight against NTDs, jiggers, active pandemic factors and poverty as well as unemployment. Yes, we do universal things also for SDG4 and SDG8 with Floor4Africa research. It's an easily scalable impact and crisis response programme right now. Have a look: here...


People just contact us to say they want to experience healthier and more comfortable life at home or at school in rural or urban slum areas of Africa (and we check if we can do our research)


We check what we can do in their area with our trusted local Project Manager, who has to find a good local construction professional (who should help with the concrete floor)


We work out the plan of works and we provide full funding (max. £25/person or £5/sqm) to carry out the STAN FLOOR C16/20


Always locally sourced ingredients are used to create the concrete floor for public health, labour market and poverty reasons + we collect useful data while the work is pending


We take a lot of care about the quality and ethics of everything that is done, to improve the public health and life or learning quality in all parts of rural and urban-slum Africa


Nothing but good words are accepted after the work is done, in fact. We know well what a good job we do with real-world fight against poverty and unemployment as well as for SDG4: UK Parliament...