We are a super-efficient social innovation project in real world fight against poverty. We do a post-research spin-off: we build simple concrete floors in rural and slum schools and family houses. It brings to life impressive SDG output in public health, self-employment and inclusive education. We started with an academic SDG3 research. Now we master in SDG8, SDG4 and SDG1 in Africa

LONDON, 16 MAY 2022 / 15 April 2023
We are proud to announce our Floor4Africa project is among social innovations the British Partliament is presenting as a proof of the efficiency in international development and fight against poverty... DETAILS:  International Development Committee  +  Parliament.UK


Nigeria PM

London, 31 January 2023

We are happy to announce that our local representative in Akure - Mr Owolusi Lucky BA, has received our "Nigeria Project Manager" certificate. It's another Nigerian, who performed more than very well with managing the implementation of our scientific impact & crisis response project "Floor4Africa". Congrats to him for his great job!

Scientific Impact & Crisis Response

London, 30 January 2023

We've got a new flyer showing what we do with all the concrete floor issues. You can download directly from our website. No need to register. Just tap or click please on: link... We are excited the flyer shows also our readiness in crisis response prism. There is not only scientific impact side of Floor4Africa, in fact. Due to its scalability we can implement it almost at once in any part of Africa. Our crisis response can relate to providing an emergency employment, first of all. Building concrete floors in existing schools and family houses doesn't require big skills. People can learn how to do it and how to manage such a project. Therefore, we're also open to migrants and illegal immigrants with integration and re-integration by means of decent work.

Floor4Africa Ambassador

London, 28 January 2023

We are happy to welcome a new member of our international and even intercontinental team of social activists. Magdalena Hehn will play a role of the Impact Project Ambassador for the Floor4Africa. She is Polish working in Belgium. She also has international development experience thanks to her work in Germany. Magdalena finds our impact project very important for the future of Europe and Africa relations. So do we, it's the way of thinking we share. Our knowledge and field experience prove that grassroots impact projects reaching local communities are the core of the progressive development plan to build back better.

Real-world Life

London, 18 January 2023

Most of us living and working in the western world are not aware how African schools and universities do an efficient day-to-day management. In fact, you can find a lot of animals close to the education. Sometimes you can feel like in the countryside. Have a look what was making the noise during the interview our local representative in Akure - Owolusi Lucky, did with the manager of the school we built the concrete floor and toilet in. Many birds and goats over there! Birds for very nutritious eggs and goats for healthy milk. Isn't it nice for children to watch them. In European schools we've got days-out. Teachers arrange classes in remote private farms to let kids learn about food. In Africa you don't have to travel far to learn about real-world life.

Local community interview in Akure

London, 16 January 2023

The first local community interview in the school located in Akure suburbs in Nigeria. We built not only the concrete floor but also a new toilet over there. Everything thanks to our innovative impact project Floor4Africa for SDGs. Listen now to our local representative - Owolusi Lucky Oluwabunmi, and his honourable guest: Olufemi Johnson Olawusi, who is the school founder. Many thanks to both of them. We really appreciate much what we were able to do together for a bit better tomorrow in Africa. We love goats and birds noises in the background! They prove to us that school we work with is managed in a prospective way.

F4A local community EVENT

London, 13 January 2023

Our creative Project Manager - Owolusi Lucky, arranged a small event for the local community. The idea was to let people talk over SDGs and what we did together over there. Have a look at the footage. Parents and school children appeared to get what has happened in the school life. In this part they talked mostly about the period-poverty related issues. The recyclable toilet provides now very essential privacy to young girls. Isn't it good to see what a crucial change we did free of any charge for the local community? We've got a very progressive Know-How  for further development of local communities in rural and slum areas of all countries in Africa. As we say in the Floor4Africa project: It doesn't take much to change this world of ours so much!

PERIOD POVERTY = privacy + comfort + hygiene + usability

London, 9 January 2023

Prof. Grazyna Czubinska, who is our professional in Public Health, says that "period poverty" means a lot more in Africa than in Europe. In Europe it usually relates to accessibility to a proper quality pads. In Africa it relates also to four other aspects of real life. The first one is "PRIVACY". Imagine what happens when a school toilet doesn't have door you can lock. The second aspect is "COMFORT". Imagine what happens when you are afraid that someone can play just for fun with the pad you have just used. The third aspect is "HYGIENE". Imagine what happens when you have no access to a standard soap at school. And the fourth aspect is "USABILITY". Imagine what happens when there's no water that lets you wash your hands. Professor Czubinska adds that many girls avoid attending schools in urban-slum and rural areas when they experience period even now, in the 21st cent. We have built this school toilet in Nigerian Akure suburbs mostly for girls who start to be young women. It didn't increase our project budget much. Our total cost was less than £100 to transform an old school toilet into the period-poverty friendly one.

What we think about serious diseases

London, 7 January 2023

Dr Teresa Naidoo - the Head of our Africa Studies Unit repeats that big things always have small beginnings. Why do we do implementations of our STAN FLOOR C16/20 with our scientific passion? You can find it at first as not big deal, it's just a concrete floor. But to us it's something much much bigger than you can think at first. An easy-to-build and durable concrete floor is a facility, an integral part of a school or big family house, that can be very easily cleaned. Even if you live in some remote African village and you have no access to cleaning agents, you can use e.g. rain water to clean your concrete floor. No concrete floor means no cleaning possibility, in fact. Dirt floor becomes more and more dangerous to live or to learn on, because each drop of water turns it into a better and better environment for growth of viruses, germs and bacteria. Therefore, we know well that Floor4Africa concrete floor is also a basic prevention method of very serious diseases. Standard cleaning opportunity is the first small step towards the world free from public health tragedies. And our local Project Manager in Nigerian Akure knows it very well. Owolusi led the first cleaning of the new concrete floor we built for free at that school.

What We Say Is What We Do

London, 5 January 2023

This is to confirm that we always do what we say. When we say we activate only local resources in Africa, while carrying out our scientific impact project implementations, it means we do it always. As you see on this picture, we used in Akure a very popular cement made in Nigeria. It's our mission to support local traders, to let them grow thanks to our initiative for SDGs. Floor4Africa means inclusion and efficient fight against poverty.

Small Local Business Big Global Things

London, 4 January 2023

We are patiently waiting for children to return to school in Akure (after the Christmas and New Year break). In the meantime, we are passing a very well deserved CSR certificate to the concrete floor and school toilet donor - a small German company HELDENSCHMEIDE managed by Mr Hofmann. Our Stanislaw met him in Germany. He was really surprised with the award and said that he did what he did only for the general good. We are good at supporting small businesses with opportunities of doing much more than they expect that they can do. Isn't it very good, is it? Many thanks once again for the co-operation, Sir!

We built this toilet!

London, 28 December 2022

Have a look at 12 easy steps we did during three days to keep tenage girls away from 'period poverty' at school in suburbs of Akure, Nigeria. Our scientific impact project Floor4Africa has brought a new toilet to the school life. If you want to know how we did it almost for nothing (total budget for this sub-project was less than £100), just let us know. We are open for scaling! And we charge nothing as non-profit organisation.

Period-Poverty Hardware Tester

London, 27 December 2022

Meet Emmanuel, who's a smart lad volunteering with our Floor4Africa scientific impact project in Akure, Nigeria. He is our unexpected hardware tester of the period-poverty sanitation solutions we decided to provide as an extension of the standard concrete floor implementation at his school. The school holiday break will last until 9th JAN. Only then we let girls test what our local team made for them to feel comfortable at school during the period time. By the way, guess what Emma wants to do when he is a big boy? Nothing unusual in the entire Floor4Africa history, in fact. He wants to be a good man who brings good things to school. He doesn't understand yet what social innovations, public health and construction services mean but he sees that we've been doing something good. Kudos to our local team led by Mr Owolusi Lucky!

GOAT issue, again!

London, 26 December 2022

This is what we do with the additional challenge of ours. The school toilet, which must be period-poverty friendly, is almost finished. Mr Enoch made the STAN FLOOR C16/20 also inside that little building. We really like the fact we extend our SDG3 & SDG4 mission towards the sanitation issues. But we really don't like what local goats do. They are smarter than anybody would expect. Even this small space has had to be precisely blocked for drying. Mr Lucky - our great Project Manager in Akure, has not easy work with those goats. Anyway, he's doing a very good job with balancing between professional rules of construction services and humanitarian rules of co-existence wth curious creatures. Looks like we start to deal with SDG15 in Floor4Africa!

Concrete floor and Christmas

London, 25 December 2022

What would you do in case you hear: "Let's build a concrete floor in some African school for Christmas!" When our Stanislaw spoke like this to Mr Dennis Hofmann, who is the boss for "HELDENSCHMEIDE" part time job agency in Germany, he agreed almost at once. It happened not only because Stanislaw is a very reliable man and very good professional in construction services. It happened also because Floor4Africa is starting to be such an obvious impact project. When people see what we do and how efficient we are with our work, most of them are very excited. Simple concrete floor brings at least four SDGs to life. No wonder we do more and more implementations, and we can scale in entire Africa. So, let's welcome this honourable donor onboard. It's very good to do good things together!

GOAT case

London, 24 December 2022

Boxing day today! Our STAN FLOOR C16/20 is drying in Akure suburbs school in Nigeria. This time Floor4Africa scientific impact project is facing totally unexpected circumstances... Our team had to keep local goats away from the school! Those smart creatures were so interested in entering the school to walk on the newly built concrete floor even though our local Project Manager erected a lot of the entry blockades! Have a look at the goat case of ours! Season's greetings to all of you :) 

Stop Period Poverty Now

London, 23 December 2022

We are people of our word. Decision about building the school toilet in suburb school in Nigerian Akure was even more easy when we spoke to very important people in global development of public health services. The point is not only sanitation. We realise how important is to let girls find privacy while experiencing period. Our professionals in SDG3 say that many of girls avoid attending classes when they have menstruation in Africa. Only in Nigeria even 5 million girls don't attend schools now. Period can be an additional factor excluding girls out of school in poverty environment. So, we initiate today our new social action: "Stop Period Poverty Now", saying with one voice that it is not hard at all to build a period-friendly toilets in African schools. 12 leaders of Floor4Africa, coming from 6 countries in 2 continents, say: It doesn't take much to change this world of ours so much, and build not only the concrete floor but also the school toilet for SDG3 and SDG4 to stop period poverty now!

Akure In Action!

London, 22 December 2022

Christmas and New Year are closer and closer. Our great Naija team led by Owolusi Lucky is moving ahead with our STAN FLOOR C16/20 implementation.  According to our policies, works go on inside the school. We don't build schools, we make schools SDG3 and SDG4 friendly by means of boosting SDG8 self-employment in construction services and general fight against poverty for SDG1. This amazing Floor4Africa is so universal as a scientific impact project. It referes to many SDGs!


London, 20 December 2022

Here we go with building the first ever school toilet. This time we are going to build not only our concrete floor in Akure suburb school. After a talk with the WHO representative Floor4Africa scientific will deliver also the school toilet. Bricks have already come. Our local Project Manager ordered them from local producer. We'll do an interview with them later on. It's also important to know well that literally everything we use for carrying out our scientific impact project has been branded with "Made in Africa". So, why we build the school toilet too? The point is not only sanitation but also dealing with a big Public Health problem: PERIOD POVERTY. More details about this additional challenge of ours coming soon...

Joshua from Akure

London, 18 December 2022

Let us introduce Joshua Enoch. He is a local professional in construction services from Akure, Nigeria. We've accepted him as our mason. Joshua is going to build not only Stan Floor C16/20 in the school we work in now. He'll build also a new school toilet. What's crucial, it won't exceed the budget we've got for implementation of the Floor4Africa impact project over there.

New media partners

London, 13 December 2022

We are happy to announce that two new media partners have appeared on the path of our scientific impact project development. Floor4Africa welcomes Londynek.net from London in the UK and Ukiel.info from Olsztyn in Poland. "Londynek" is a famous internet portal delivering news in Polish. There're over one million Poles living in the UK. "Ukiel" is a startup focused on the social & academic information market, which is fast growing niche in Europe. Let us welcome both media partners. From now on you will see the logo of each one of them on everything we'll be releasing.

Efficient remedy for illegal immigration

London, 12 December 2022

One of the most interesting effects of our unique scientific impact project Floor4Africa is what we discovered thanks to children. They are always interested how our works go with building a concrete floor in an urban slum school or in a big family rural family house. When our local representatives are being asked: How to become a builder to build concrete floors for children? - they always say that the most important thing is a motivation for growth of the local community. The research we did among adult people in Kenya showed that up to 40% believe now that good change is possible even with limited budget and resources. When they see how it is easy to introduce such a useful facility as concrete floor, they say they want to stay in their place to develop it even more. Therefore, we know that the rising issue with illegal immigration starts only when people see no change in their local part of our world. Let's change it, it's easy!

Transforming Poverty

London, 8 December 2022

Usually, we do not do anything outside the school building. We don't do anything outside, because we are allowed to do our work only inside existing properties. Concrete floor built inside is not any big deal in construction prism. This time is a bit different. Our local Project Manager kindly brought our attention to the school toilet. Taking into account that Floor4Africa is a scientific impact project, we are going to make everything possible to help with that particular case. Transforming education - in our view - is closely related to learning poverty. It must include continuous infrastructural improvements of the environment children learn in. It can increase even more the efficiency of the global system of education.

International Volunteer Day

London, 5 December 2022

Today is the UN's International Volunteer Day. Please, meet the new local Project Manager volunteering with our Floor4Africa scientific impact project. Owolusi Lucky is a teacher, artist, writer and - obviously - local community activist. He has a BSc in Zoology and published poetry, short fictions as well as essays in anthologies, magazines and journals. He has been exploring humanity in his writing. Now he is starting to explore development based on our stoic approach to public health, labour market and future of education. Fingers crossed for his work with us!

Here we go again: AKURE

London, 3 December 2022

The next school we are going to facilitate with our amazing STAN FLOOR C16/20 is located in Aladiro Community in Akure, Nigeria. As you see on the collage above, there're only stones & soil inside that primary school building. So, it's the challenge we do like! Stay tuned, Nigerian schools will have 3-week holiday break soon. We're excited!

8 steps to SDGs

London, 1 December 2022

We are happy to introduce a short guide on our easy 8-step approach to the real world SDGs. Works well in all the urban-slum and rural-area schools in Africa.

GenAlpha: "I build floor for children"

London, 19 November 2022

Franek is #GenAlpha boy living comfortable life and enjoying European pre-school education. He is 3 only. But knows well what we do with concrete floors in our world. He has not visited Africa yet. However, we talk to him about our work from time to time. Now he is so interested in changing learning conditions for children in urban-slum and rural areas of Africa that he creates modular floors out of his toys. Probably no other kid in Europe who comes home and starts playing this way. Saying: "I build floor for children", sounds cute in his own language. Smart boy, truly aware what's important to do for the better future.