We are a super-efficient social innovation project in real world fight against poverty. We do a post-research spin-off: we build simple concrete floors in rural and slum schools and family houses. It brings to life impressive SDG output in public health, self-employment and inclusive education. We started with an academic SDG3 research. Now we master in SDG8, SDG4 and SDG1 in Africa

LONDON, 16 MAY 2022
We are proud to announce our Floor4Africa project is among social innovations the British Partliament is presenting as a proof of efficiency in SDG1 fight against poverty.
DETAILS: parliament.uk


The project we develop for SDG improvements in rural Africa is big enough to let new Partners join us. If you are dealing e.g. with construction science, labour market or poverty research, you can write to us now: teresa.naidoo @ puno.ac.uk - we are always very open to co-operation. Details: here...

Our most important partners is not only the Polish Centre for Public Health in London, but also Daria Kowalska from the StorkSchool.EU. She donated all her school-term pocket money to build the first concrete floor for a family she even didn't know well. You can watch her intro here:


Africa Studies Unit

World Institute of Safe & Ethical AI

Polish Centre for Public Health

Stefan Bauservice

Young Polish Migrants' Association