We are a super-efficient social innovation project in real world fight against poverty. We do a post-research spin-off: we build simple concrete floors in rural and slum schools and family houses. It brings to life impressive SDG output in public health, self-employment and inclusive education. We started with an academic SDG3 research. Now we master in SDG8, SDG4 and SDG1 in Africa

LONDON, 16 MAY 2022 / 15 April 2023
We are proud to announce our Floor4Africa project is among social innovations the British Partliament is presenting as a proof of the efficiency in international development and fight against poverty... DETAILS:  International Development Committee  +  Parliament.UK


Small Business for Big Issues

London, 31 October 2022

One of the most amazing effects of our scientific impact project Floor4Africa is the fact that small and progressive businesses are so keen on co-operating with us. Their owners are always experienced professionals operating in construction services. They understand well what kind of change we bring to the way of learning and living in urban-slum and rural school environment. It doesn't make any problem to them to share with us all the crucial experience they have. It happens event though they reside in Europe, far away from spots we change by means of our simple but efficient STAN FLOOR C16/20. Meet Tomasz Losiewicz and Stanislaw Wojciechowski. Both gentlemen run businesses in the EU. None of them ever worked in Africa before. With us they let other people work over there. It's a great job!

Floor4Africa Project Managers

London, 17 October 2022

This is what happens to you when you finish an implementation of the scientific impact project Floor4Africa of ours: you become a new, very professional influencer in your local community. You helped us with your skills and passion, we help you with confirming to the whole world that you are reliable, cooperative and skilled person. And you proved it in action with us. Up to now we've got two nationwide-grade Project Managers in Africa. Eric in Ghana and Abiola in Nigeria. Congrats to Abiola for her understanding of the future of SDGs. You can really manage extensive grassroots projects well!

First mop-cleaning at urban-slum school

London, 13 October 2022

So, we've got the first ever mop cleaning of our STAN FLOOR C16/20 in the urban-slum school in Ajegunle, Lagos. It took a bit of time to find proper mops, buckets and brushes but it was fully worth to wait a bit. Now our work in that unique school has been finished. Our school friends cleaned with bare feet to expresses their respect to the place they co-create. It's so good to see how the reality has changed in SDGs prism. All we did a great job for SDG4 - kids can focus on learning even more. We did a grat job for SDG8 - local traders and professionals were able to work with us. We did a great job for SDG1 - poverty means lack of concrete floor not only at home but also at school. And now, you can see that we do also a great job for SDG3 - no more mud, no more dust and no more germs or bugs at school. Floor4Africa is a great scientific impact project!


London, 23 September 2022

Building concrete floors in rural and urban slum schools in Africa is so simple and efficient in SDGs prism. We decrease the risk of soil-transmitted NTDs by ca. 25% and increase to efficiency of learning at school by up to 50% in climate-change weather conditions. Have a look what STAN FLOOR C16/20 means to children. We are so proud we invented such an obvious methodology of carrying out SDG3 and SDG4 by means of SDG1 and SD8. Big impact projects don't require much money. They require social innovation approach we develop thanks to our research.

SDG4 joy at school in Ajegunle

London, 18 September 2022

Floor4Africa construction works in the school in Ajegunle in Lagos have been finished. We built a great concrete floor to let children avoid mud when it rains and dust during the dry season. STAN FLOOR C16/20 is such a simple and not expensive social innovation, easily scalable in all the rural and urban slum environment in sub-Saharan Africa. As you see so many children are happy and this is only the morning shift. Population is growing fast in Nigeria. It's over 2% a year. To improve SDG4 rates we do have to focus on conditions the learning proces is developing in. So obvious to us, because we are academics and professionals in a real world impact projects. We've got also very reliable friends over there, inc. teachers, social activists and the school manager - Mr. Israel.

Our response to Climate Change for the SDG4

London, 12 September 2022

What our simple STAN FLOOR C16/20 means to the local communities in vulnerable areas of Africa? It means also... SDG4! There was a huge rainfall last weekend in Lagos. Almost all schools located in Ajegunle are not in operation right now. But not the one we work in with the Floor4Africa impact project. Our school has only wet floor now! No puddles, no mud, no prevention from learning for children anymore (when it's heavily raining). Great results without any complex activities to support local community growth in Nigeria. Makes us so proud!

Made in Nigeria

London, 9 September 2022

As you know well, we always activate local resources to carry out an implementation of our Floor4Africa impact project. Now we work in a school located in Ajegunle urban slum in Lagos. Our leading mason is Mr. Nicholas, who has vast experience in construction services. As professional recommended by local community representatives, he's been allowed to form his team and get down to work according our standards. So, as you see well (if you know Nigerian market), we support "Made in Nigeria". We use only locally produced cement. Always. It's very important to support further growth of the local community in such a vulnerable environment as the urban slum in Lagos. 

African women and girls in STEM

London, 8 September 2022

Our works reached the nursery space of the school we work in. It requires additional reinforcing of the ground. So, our smart "Lagos Team" started processing with some old plasterboards nobody needs anymore. It attracted a few young spectators and female teachers. They developed a meeting on attracting African girls to STEM. This project of ours makes us so happy. Its simplicity is very inclusive in multidimensional scope. We improve not only public health and labour market issues but we do a great job with upgrading the quality of learning. When you are a kid and you don't have to stay in distracting mud at school (when it rains), you can start thinking about real progress.

The impact project volunteering

London, 7 September 2022

We are experiencing a decent interest in volunteering with our impact project Floor4Africa. It was happening everywhere we worked up to now in Africa. But in Nigeria it's much different because of the size of Nigerian population. Over 200 million people live in entire country. Half of them experience extreme poverty. Access to SDG8 work is not easy at all. Even 20 million of educated youth can stay without regular employment over there. Therefore, so many young people volunteering with us in the informal urban settlement we work in. They show not only skills but also motivation for development. Have a look what's going on in that unique school right now.

Walk in Ajegunle

London, 6 September 2022

Ajegunle is a big informal settlement in Lagos. But there is no road access to the school we work in. So, our friends have to bring everything by themselves to carry on with works. Have a look at a short walk this young mason aide has to make to deliver sand. You will follow him to get what kind of challenge can be such an easy project as the concrete STAN FLOOR C16/20. It's so good to know how local people engage to deliver Floor4Africa project well!

When it rains in Lagos

London, 5 September 2022

When it rains, you can't do much with your construction works outdoors. Therefore, you do go indoors to optimise the space and carry on! Our very smart 'Team Lagos' created a little spot to keep up with the project timeline. Have a look what they do even without special tools that are popular in the West. A lot is possible in Africa when people have a real access to even very small budget. We are creating this STAN FLOOR C16/20 for less than £1k as the total budget, incl. local cement and labour force. Our Stanislaw, who is professional in construction services, is praising out local project manager - Abiola, and all the rest of 'Team Lagos' about the optimal way they manage money. He compares it to a very rational and very efficient management over human resources in a very good organisation.

Lifelong Learning!

London, 2 September 2022

Lifelong learning is inevitable for active people. Imagine, we've just realised that in many parts of Lagos there are no stones by the road. Ajegunle - the urban slum we work in, used to be a swamp. Now its relatively dry over there but still no stones one can easily find and pick. Local people co-operating with us were confused a bit when asked about using simple stones everyone can find by the road (for additional reinforcing the STAN FLOOR C16/20 they build in the school). Abiola - our Project Manager based in Lagos, explained everything at once. Now we are much more aware what kind of environment we have entered with our Floor4Africa impact project. Enjoy the footage!

One country two exchange rates

London, 30 August 2022

Interesting experience in project management for us. Nigerian financial sector is the part of the global economy we ought to be very patient with. When you do an international impact project like us, and all you need to do from your European side is to send money to your African side, you should consider all the transfer conditions to avoid issues with the project budget. We always use only safe and official ways of money transferring. We believe it's much better to get maybe a bit lower exchange rate but to get it at all in the country we work with the Floor4Africa. In case of Nigeria, it looks like you can choose official and safe way of money transfer with lower rate and official and safe way of money transfer with higher rate. A bit complex to explain how this fair finance works but both ways are OK, in fact. Only takes time with the nonprofit-like one. No need for us to cut costs now. We do always need very good quality of our impact project implementation for small rural and urban slum schools in Africa.

UK Home Office Reintegration PROGRAMME

London, 16 August 2022

Abiola - our honourable representative, attended today the meeting of the UK Home Office. It took place in Lagos, Nigeria. The main topic was: ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. It's constantly raising issue in the UK. Therefore, British ministry started to look for efficient ways of dealing with it. As a matter of fact, our impact project Floor4Africa leads to up to 40% decrease in migration from rural to urban areas of Africa. Our research shows also that over 50% of Africans who came to Europe to look for better living and employment opportunities would consider return to Africa (as our local project managers), to do such a decent and pride-making work with delivering concrete floors to urban slum and rural schools. We strongly believe it is the most efficient way of dealing with illegal immigration by means of letting people do good and important things. Reintegration of illegal immigrants will go well with the work & learn F4A project!

School floor durability

London, 13 August 2022

This is what makes us sure the concrete floor we build at Ajegunle slum school in Lagos is very durable and can last for generations. It's a kind of reinforcing mesh our Stanislaw, who is a professional in construction services, said we ought to use for making the floor matching African school reality. Children do not walk. They usually run. Such a fact implies the need of using much stronger reinforcing mesh that we do in rural Africa family houses. Physics!

Compare the market

London, 3 August 2022

We had a good meeting with a group of kind people interested in supporting our Floor4Africa impact project in Ajegunle slum. We introduced all crucial details, incl. the fact we don't take any admin cost for carrying out this social innovation. It implies crucial output that we're recognised as a very efficient SDG1 example at the British Parliament. Our Stanislaw, who is construction professional working in Germany, brought to us the comparison of cost of the concrete floor we do in the school located in informal urban settlement in Nigeria to a very similar quality one in German reality. So, our budget challenge for building a durable floor in Nigerian school is 800 EUR and nothing more. All materials and cost of work are local and included in the total cost. On the other hand, the 154sqm floor in the EU reality would be not less than 4158 EUR. It's over five times more than what we work out in Africa with the STAN FLOOR C16/20 (that has a minimum 20-year durability). Such a concrete floor is changing the quality of life of not only 120 children who attend the school. Our impact floor is changing the future of their families too. Children can focus on learning much more when there is no dust or mud at school. Can you see what a change we do activate in Africa? It is a very real change!

F4A: 2 continents and 7 countries already involved

London, 23 July 2022

Good to know that people from two continents and seven countries have already been involved in managing the scientific impact project Floor4Africa. United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria co-operate over borders for SDGs. People from all walks of life - academics, professionals, researchers, influencers fully understanding what we can do to move sustainable development goals a bit more ahead. Thanks to such a simple social innovation we improve inclusive education, public health, self-employment and we efficiently deal with poverty in Africa. 

Future of Education

London, 17 July 2022

We can't imagine future of education without inclusive education, in fact. Most of us are academics, therefore we get well what's going on with SDG4. We go to small rural and urban slum schools to do so simple STAN FLOOR C16/20 for making more real to achieve that very important UN sustainable goal. According to our in-field experience, SDG4 turns more possible when children learn on a floor preventing mud when it rains and dust during the dry season. Concrete floor we do can be cleaned well. There's no SDG4 without taking SDG3 into account.

SDG4 challenge accepted

London, 10 July 2022

Our initial project management activities have been done and we take the SDG4 challenge in Lagos. We'll provide STAN FLOOR C16/20 to the ISRINA SCHOOLS. It's a small but important 154sqm-school located in urban informal settlement Ajegunle. Now over 100 children attend that social-innovation institution. It's so hard to learn in mud when it rains. All of them live in the neighbourhood and the school is the only hope for a change. No other way over there. We feel proud we can help and we go!

F4A Leader in Lagos

London, 8 July 2022

Let us introduce our loacal leader in Lagos. Abiola Seriki is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Growth Marketing specialist passionate about people and growth of sustainable businesses across the world through digital transformation. Beyond helping people and brands grow, her passion is to ensure that authentic business stories are told on a global scale. She runs "Convazations Africa" channel on YT, which is targeted at showcasing African innovative business community, mostly in Yaba - 'silicon valley' of Nigeria.