We are a super-efficient social innovation project in real world fight against poverty. We do a post-research spin-off: we build simple concrete floors in rural and slum schools and family houses. It brings to life impressive SDG output in public health, self-employment and inclusive education. We started with an academic SDG3 research. Now we master in SDG8, SDG4 and SDG1 in Africa

LONDON, 16 MAY 2022 / 15 April 2023
We are proud to announce our Floor4Africa project is among social innovations the British Partliament is presenting as a proof of the efficiency in international development and fight against poverty... DETAILS:  International Development Committee  +  Parliament.UK


Here go our CSR certificates

London, 6 July 2022

As said before, we continue with issuing CSR certificates to all donors of ours. This is what we've sent to the nursery school No. 29 based in Tychy city in Poland today. Similar award goes to a small construction services company ITL based in Germany. Both have confirmed their passion about SDG. They supported our social innovation project we carried out for a single female parent of four in Tafi Atome village in Ghana. Many thanks for the Floor4Africa support. We appreciate even more when very small organisations come to us and say: "You do such a good work, we want to help out!"

Floor4Africa going to school for SDG4

London, 3 July 2022

Imagine, we have realised that most of the rural and urban-slum schools in sub-Saharan Africa look like this one when it rains... Question is: "How children can learn while sinking in mud?" Therefore, we decide to go to Nigeria with our social innovation. We'll start over there a new chapter of the Floor4Africa project not only for SDG1, SDG3 and SDG8 but also for SDG4. The location is: Ajegunle in Lagos. Implementation of our STAN FLOOR C16/20 should start this month and must be finished in August.

Partners of our Ghana implementation

London, 28 June 2022

Let us introduce two honourable supporters of our Ghana social innovation pilot. The concrete floor we have implemented in Mrs. Afi's house in Tafi Atome village was supported by the nursery school No. 29 based in Tychy in Poland and by the construction services company ITL based in Hassloch in Germany. The Polish nursery school co-operating with us is a new generation educational institution. They do important inclusion by themselves. They welcome, with a great commitment, children experiencing disability. The small German company is focused on delivering the top quality pipeline isolation services. As you see, we've been building an inclusive team of organisations bringing - with Floor 4Africa - the SDG inclusion to the rural areas of Africa. It's so good to have so many different European institutions onboard.

Cleaning your house for SDG3

London, 26 June 2022

So, the cleaning time has come! We built the concrete floor and the single female parent of four starts a new stage of her family life. We've got a lot of good-looking home accessories in the West. They make us think our life is not bad at all. The cost of "HAPPY FAMILY" kit was like 5-10% of the total cost of STAN FLOOR C16/20 we do in rural Africa houses these days. The version we bought a few years ago at Next UK  says that good mums prefer happiness of kids over keeping their floors clean. Now, after another implementation of our Floor4Africa social innovation, we can see even better the relation between happiness of kids and clean floor at home. Mrs. Afi, who were never able to clean her house to let her children experience a better quality of living, now is able to clean her tiny house. Can you imagine what sticky floors really mean in rural Africa? Soil-transmitted Neglected Tropical Diseases bring so many bad things to African children living in houses with a dirt floor. Therefore, poverty and SDG3 rates look on and on not the way we expect in 21st century. To change it we do our best. Eric, who is our local leader in Ghana, brought: washing soap, sweeping brush and mop with bucket to Mrs. Afi. He also made a short training in efficient cleaning. Good Lord, the happiness we did to the family was priceless. All this is so usual in the West but it's still something new in rural Africa. Let's change it together, everyone can help!

Boosting labour market in rural Africa

London, 23 June 2022

Have a look at the way local construction professionals work in rural Africa... when they have a good job! We are so excited about what we do with Floor4Africa social innovation to the local labour market, too. This is what all we have to focus on in front of population growth and enormous deficit of decent work places in Africa.  Construction services are so prospective for inclusion of a great number of Africans living in rural areas and experiencing lack of SDG8 work. Such a little thing like a concrete STAN FLOOR C16/20 brings so efficient solution for a successful fight against unemployment and poverty in Africa. 

Supporting local businesses in Africa

London, 19 June 2022

As you can see on the footage above, we do always support local businesses while carrying out the social innovation project Floor4Africa. Our local team working now in Ghana bought "Diamond Cement" to build the concrete floor for Ms. Afi - a single female parent of four school children, in Tafi Atome village in Volta Region. They did it to let us build and boost an awareness on market presence of very good "Made in Africa" products.  African goods are still hardly recognisable in global market. Many people in the West have no idea there are e.g. local producers of cement in Africa. We know it well. Therefore, we do our best with the SDG1 Floor4Africa social innovation project not only in SDG3 but also SDG8 prism.

International Day of African Child

London, 16 June 2022

Today is another International Day of the African Child. We do the action research in Africa, so we know very well how to help out children living in many African villages. As you see on the footage above, kids are always with us. They come and watch carefully how professionals work for real-world change. According to our SDG1 surveys, construction services are a big market niche in rural Africa. Even 500 million people can live in family houses deprived of easy-to-clean concrete floors. There are millions of children among them. Our simple STAN FLOOR C16/20 is so cheap but also so durable that we are full of rational hopes concerning future of work many of those children will experience thanks to Floor4Africa. This social innovation is made for kids to let them live better life.

Mental Health professional onboard

London, 14 June 2022

We are happy to announce that a new member joins Floor4Africa leading team. Adriana Gorka MA is a psychologist and the Head of the Applied Psychology Unit at the Polish University Abroad in London. Her presence here has been implied somehow by the raising fact of children interacting with the social innovation we do in African villages. It's just another positive output of our SDG1 grassroots work. When kids see what we do and how essential change it brings to people's life, they declare they want to become construction professionals. They want to work in local construction services to make the future of Africa better than what they experience now. It looks like we will discuss over the mental health issues relating to motivations and aspirations of youth meeting Floor4Africa in their environment. All those hopes can't go for nothing when all we need - in fact - a sustainable growth of Africa. Welcome Adriana, it's a pleasure to have such a professional onboard!

Sebastian and SDG8 in Ghana

London, 12 June 2022

We have just added Sebastian - the construction professional we co-operate with in Volta Region of Ghana, to our SDG8 recommendation database. You know how hard it can be to start to prosper when you are even the top-class professional in construction services but you live in the rural areas of Africa. Therefore, we created the database of the best self-employed masons who co-operate with us while implementing the STAN FLOOR C16/20 in their close neighbourhood. We do believe our Floor4Africa is a great way of market promotion and further recommendations.

Ghana project has started

London, 10 June 2022

We've started our project works in Tafi Atome village in Ghana. A single female parent of four will get our STAN FLOOR C16/20 for her tiny 15sqm house. Madam Afi and her female neighbour are so excited about the life quality change we bring to her family that they both decided to help with works. They want to acquire some team-work skills in construction for their CV too. Local construction professional - Sebastian, who is carrying out our Floor4Africa project in that place, finds his both apprentices as very helpful and diligent. Isn't the local construction industry the best way to improve SDG8 rates in rural Africa? It is, obviously!

The concrete floor - psychological and sociological views

London, 8 June 2022

We had an academic debate on psychological and sociological views relating to not expensive but durable concrete floors we provide to family houses in rural Africa. Our team member - Professor Czubinska, who is an experienced professional in social sciences and public health, explained how important work we do also in psychological and sociological prism. First of all, we find the concrete floor as a change factor improving public health rates in rural Africa. Additionally, it's also a change factor in labour market - it lets people develop not only self-employment in construction services but also in local trade. Workforce as well as cement, sand, stones and water for the concrete floor always come from local sources only. According to Prof. Czubinska, our concrete floor represents a strong thinking pattern supporting growth and security. How? It's simple. Most of the rural Africa family houses can be really vulnerable to climate change and unexpected weather conditions. They need almost never ending refurbishments. If there's a concrete floor inside your house, you are always sure - in psychological view - that you stand on a firm base in your life. Concrete floor always lets you build new walls around it. Now imagine entire village affected by the climate change. Hurricanes are able to destroy walls but it's hardly possible that concrete floors would be destroyed too. In sociological prism, we provide some kind of security to the local community. All the village can be easily restored after any sort of crisis affecting family houses. It also explains why we notice such a significant decrease of pro-migration behaviours. You can remember that every seventh inhabitant of Earth already has been living in an urban slum. Concrete floor makes home more real and progressive. It develops a link between mind and place, makes mind more focused on place development. This way we do a good piece of psychological and sociological job with our "Floor4Africa" project.

New partners for the Ghana project

London, 5 June 2022

We are happy to announce we've completed the fundraising for the Floor4Africa project pilot in Ghana. Among our great donators are: a nursery school located in southern Poland and a construction-industry company based in western Germany. Imagine, just 200 EUR in total is enough to change forever the quality of life of a single female parent living with 4 children in a very tiny 15sqm house in Tafi Atome village, Volta Region of Ghana. Now Ms. Adjato is going to get from us a free-of-charge concrete STAN FLOOR C16/20 we always do by means of local resources like: work force, sand, water, stones and cement. Thanks to this simple social innovation we improve much the SDG3, SDG8 and SDG1 rates realting to the real world issues like: public health, unemployment and poverty in rural Africa. So, all the implementation will start in about week with our local represeanative - Eric, in the Project Manager role.

Stanislaw in Brussels

London, 31 May 2022

Very good news from the capital city of united Europe. Our Stanislaw went to Brussels to deliver a short presentation on the Floor4Africa project in the parliament of the European Union. He met not only the EU staff but also one of MEPs. We are so proud of him. He is an experienced professional in construction industry but now it looks like he can be also a good consultant in public health, unemployment and poverty-related issues in rural areas of Africa. It is the second time our Floor4Africa was presented in such an important institution. This year we were also very well recognised by the British parliament, which means that our social-innovation project gets more and more attention in international scale. All great feed-backs relating to our SDG mission in Africa are always welcome. Many thanks!

New F4A challenge in Ghana

London, 14 May 2022

We are closer and closer to land with Floor4Africa project in Ghana. Our local representative - Eric, did a great field research. You should know, our standard survey for all new sites is so extensive that our researchers hardly ever can fill in exactly all fields with crucial data. This time we got like instantly everything we do need. So, have a closer look at the tiny house we'll facilitate with our concrete STAN FLOOR C16/20 made out of locally available ingredients and even with local workforce. As you know, the 15sqm one-room house belongs to a female single parent living with 4 school-age children. The interior is covered with some clay. It doesn't create much of dust but it's still vulnerable to water: you can't wash such a floor inside your house because pouring water on it creates mud (and mud is a great environment for the growth of all the germs). Madam Afi - the house owner, is happy with our project much. We can't wait for the start of works, which should happen this month. We'll change the quality of living of this family for even less than 200 GBP. Yes, such a small amount of money will change for decades the way they live at their home.

Eric from Ghana joins Floor4Africa

London, 6 May 2022

We had a very moving online meeting today. Eric Tackie Tawiah Ankrah from Ghana became a member of the managing team of our social innovation Floor4Africa project. He is a Junior Researcher in the Africa Studies Unit at the Polish University Abroad in London. Eric joined us with the strategy of introducing Floor4Africa pilot project in rural areas of Ghana. What he brought to our awareness has exceeded our expectations. It's not only the professional way he carried out all the paperwork. The point is the family house we are going to facilitate with our life-changing concrete STAN FLOOR C16/20. We'll work for a single female parent living with 4 children in a very small one-room house in Tafi Atome area, the Volta Region of Ghana. We saw a lot of everyday-life challenges in Africa but what we face now is so moving that even some tears appeared in our eyes when we were discussing over this particular case. Stay with us, we'll start our works this month. Welcome Eric, welcome Ghana!

SDG1 proof on efficient fight against poverty

London, 25 April 2022

We are utterly proud that British pariament has brought our Floor4Africa project to the top-level public debate on extreme poverty and the Sustainable Development Goals. We've been delivering a SDG1 proof to the International Development Committee at House of Commons. It's about efficient managing over a social innovation project for people living rural areas of Africa: parliament.uk (we are the no. SDG0001, which is the fact we've been delivering a proof for the first time ever and we do it as the first organisation out of 46). That's a good milestone, now on our way to... Ghana! Stay tuned in, we do believe that our world can eliminate poverty out of human life in rural Africa areas.

International Symposium: SDG Challenges in Africa

London, 9 January 2022

We are proud that on 2nd January we carried out the first symposium in the world in 2022. The topic: SDG challenges, of course. Only 8 years left to the 2030, so we just had to do it due to the fact we see well how everything goes with SDGs in field. We cope with real-world issues in Africa: SDG1, SDG3, SDG8 at most. Therefore, we invited not only academics but also professionals dealing with the reality we face over there. 8 countries from Africa & Europe were represented: United Kingdom, Poland, Germany, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana and South Africa. Speakers got not much time to deliver presentations but we were able to talk over each one of them. This way 2-hour event turned into 3-hour one. It was good to listen to Prof. Grazyna Czubinska from London, who delivered a presentation on Neglected Tropical Diseases (in relation to children living in dirt-floor houses in rural areas of Africa). Our project Floor4Africa makes - in fact - so important change in number of household infections. The same with Hon. Sheka Tarawalie (Sierra Leone), who was speaking about poverty and what can be done as easy as we do with Floor4Africa. Dr Teresa Naidoo (South Africa), spoke about human rights and SDG16. Our two colleagues from Kenya: Prof. Michael Muoki and Dr Ibrahim Busolo delivered great presentations about SDG14 and SDG15 relating to Kenyan way of preserving African nature. Ewa Lukaszewicz MSc (Poland) told us about some interesting SDG5 issues. Our EdTech prodigy - Daria Kowalska (Poland), showed to us what 'inverted' SDG4 means - that Africa's going to be a source of the best available teaching force for European schools in the coming future. Abiola Seriki BA from Nigeria told us how SDG9 looks like in Lagos (the city with GDP even bigger than entire Kenyan economy). Eric Tackie Tawiah Ankrah from Ghana told us how SDG8 issues look like in tourism, that is one of the most impressive branches of growing African economy. Finally, Roman Mazur MBA (the chair of the symposium), spoke about the SDG11 and the fact our Floor4Africa project is also preventing people from the migration to informal urban settlements or even to Europe. Stanislaw Wojciechowski - construction professional from Germany (and his son), brought very important conclusion: We can do really a lot when we just co-operate for real good! All details on symposium available: here...