We are a super-efficient social innovation project in real world fight against poverty. We do a post-research spin-off: we build simple concrete floors in rural and slum schools and family houses. It brings to life impressive SDG output in public health, self-employment and inclusive education. We started with an academic SDG3 research. Now we master in SDG8, SDG4 and SDG1 in Africa

LONDON, 16 MAY 2022 / 15 April 2023
We are proud to announce our Floor4Africa project is among social innovations the British Partliament is presenting as a proof of the efficiency in international development and fight against poverty... DETAILS:  International Development Committee  +  Parliament.UK


Africa Studies Unit

Polish University Abroad



8 years before 2030


London - 2 January 2022

4pm GMT | 7pm EAT

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The Africa Studies Unit was pleased to introduce the first 2022 international symposium on SDG challenges in Africa. 8 years before the 2030 we started to be full of hopes about meeting the Sustainable Development Goals’ challenge created and led by the United Nations. As a London based academic institution, carrying out public health, labour and educational market research in Africa, we wanted to talk over the real-world issues concerning SDGs in Africa. We invited academics and professionals focused on economic wellbeing, inclusive social innovations, safe and ethical development to boost awareness regarding efficient ways of dealing with poverty, shortage of good jobs or pandemics in Africa. The symposium was open to all attendees, because 8 years is not much time at all, and substantial discussion has to be on. Chair: Roman Mazur MBA (WISEAI Institute, London)


16:00 GMT

Opening remarks on SDG challenges in 2022 - academic and professional views

16:05 - 16:10 GMT

Prof. dr Grazyna Czubinska

Polish University Abroad [UK]

Soil-transmitted NTDs in SDG3 prism

16:10 - 16:20 GMT

Hon. Sheka Tarawalie

Polish University Abroad [SIERRA LEONE]

Ending Poverty In Sierra Leone: 2030 Dreamland Of The UN’s SDG1  [READ NOW...]

16:20 - 16:25 GMT

Miss Daria Kowalska

StorkSchool.EU - East London Innovator 2020 [POLAND]

SDG4 issues in Africa and Europe

16:25 - 16:35 GMT

Ewa Lukaszewicz MSc

From Our Side Foundation [POLAND]


16:35 - 16:45 GMT

Eric Tackie Tawiah Ankrah BA

Ghana Tourism Authority [GHANA]

SUSTAINABLE TOURISM: a tool for economic growth - SDG8 [READ NOW...] 

16:45 - 16:55 GMT

Abiola Seriki BA

Convazations [NIGERIA]


16:55 - 17:10 GMT

Roman Mazur MBA


SDG11 and migration from rural Africa to informal settlements in urban areas

17:10 - 17:20 GMT

Prof. Stephen Muoki

Pwani University [KENYA]

SDG14 and the Blue Economy

17:20 - 17:30 GMT

Dr Ibrahim Busolo

Pwani University [KENYA]

SDG15 and wildlife preservation in Kenya

17:30 - 17:40 GMT

Teresa Naidoo PhD

Africa Studies Unit [SOUTH AFRICA]

Violence against human rights and SDG16 issues in Africa

17:40 - 17:45 GMT

Stanislaw & Michal Wojciechowski

Stefan Bauservice [GERMANY]

Future of SDGs is here and now

17:45 - 19:00 GMT Q&As

Free entry after the registration. All speakers and attendees will get a certificate of completing the seminar on the SDG challenges in Africa. Organisers don't refund any cost relating to anything implied by the participation in the seminar. The seminar can be recorded for training purposes only. To register, please write your email to the World Institiute of Safe and Ethical Artificial Intelligence: contact @ wiseai.org